KwikLetter allows you to use the technology of your phone to write letters and send them to your elected representatives with the same appearance as if you sent them from home.  The app allows you to choose a representative and makes it easy to write your letter from your mobile device. Once a letter is written, KwikLetter handles the rest, ensuring your letter is delivered to your representative(s) of choice.

KwikLetter simplifies the letter writing process and takes a digital approach to a traditional act. We’ve come to expect a digital and mobile approach in how we carry out a lot of our lives. We order prepared food, groceries, movies, medicine and just about any other product on demand for home delivery or store pick-up. Printing out letters isn’t a new concept either, considering we’ve been able to print greetings cards since the days of AOL. That approach doesn’t exist for outreach to your elected officials, but KwikLetter is hoping to resolve this.

Founder Jim Hicks is optimistic about the growth of his business:.

“I see us getting a lot of Americans involved in politics by writing letters. Our projections have a strong growth curve. We hope to have hundreds of thousands of users within 24 months. We currently have the ability to handle 50,000 letters a day, can quickly scale to a hundred thousand letters a day, and we have the plan in place for a much higher capacity.”

Download it on the App Store or Google Play.


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