Kevin Kilburn

Lead Back-end Developer

With over 20 years experience, Kevin brings talent and experience to the MotionMobs team. He has worked in a variety of domains & environments; ranging from banking and .NET, healthcare and Javascript, as well as, insurance and Java. He currently oversees the backend development and dissemination of all MotionMobs projects. He spends his time creating, coding, and improving the devops process in order for a functionally seamless development team. His professional motto is “It’s your idea. I just make it better.”

There is a lot of busyness at the intersection of tech and business - what keeps you in motion?

Listening to music, from today’s pop to classic rock to EDM. Music helps me focus on achieving my daily goals without the distractions of the required “busyness” business.

What technology, hardware or software, helps keep you in motion?

I love technology’s breakneck cadence of releasing new programming frameworks, processors, and of course Minecraft mods. Learning and creating new things keeps me in motion.

What organizations or non-profits move you to be more involved in the community?

LBGTQ+ individuals are 2 to 4 times more likely to experience healthcare inequities. I support the mission of very local and national non-profits such as Birmingham Aids Outreach, Magic City Wellness Center, and The Trevor Project.