Corey Crews

Senior Sales Executive

Corey brings more than 15 years of sales and management experience to the MotionMobs team. He has previously worked in the Human Resource, Publishing, and Education Technology industries. His excitement for meeting new people and connecting companies with truly impactful solutions makes him a perfect fit for MotionMobs and its clients.

What in your personal life moves and motivates you?

I believe that our ability to learn is our greatest protection against a mundane life. Every year I choose a new skill to learn and spend that year trying to improve on that skill. Over the last few years, I’ve learned blues guitar, golf, video editing and brewing. In some instances I’ve picked up lifelong hobbies (golf), and in others, I stretched my mind and gained a new appreciation for the masters of that craft (beer and Blues). Either way, learning a new skill is motivating and makes for great opportunities to create new communities.

There is a lot of busyness at the intersection of tech and business - what keeps you in motion?

Podcasts and Audiobooks. Podcasts bring fresh and challenging ideas, and audiobooks bring new worlds and interesting perspectives.

What technology, hardware or software, helps keep you in motion?

I love cars. I find myself regularly impressed with the new technology and level of integration of modern cars. Whether electric, hybrid, or a naturally aspirated internal combustion engine, the advances in this space both literally and figuratively keep me in motion.