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MotionMobs is seeking a Principal Developer to work with a small team on new software development. The ideal candidate will have experience architecting applications from the ground up and guiding both frontend and backend decisions through the production of applications on web and mobile. Applicants should have a proven track record of choosing the right tools for the job at hand, creatively applying them, and effectively testing those decisions to confirm them.

As Principal Developer, this individual will be responsible for reviewing and merging team member contributions to the code base and controlling the deployment of builds. This hire will primarily contribute to the backend development of the applications, but a keen understanding of frontend development will help coach other team members through the development process.

Interpersonal skills are also important, as this individual will work closely with the entire development team, set the tone for team communication, and help encourage others’ creativity. The ability to communicate clearly with project manager and consulting team members is crucial to facilitating strong client relationships. This individual must be able to set expectations and accurately gauge and report progress on those expectations.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead system architect on new applications assigned to you
  • Lead backend developer on applications assigned to you
  • Work closely with project manager to organize technical components chronologically to facilitate effective development of applications
  • Manage pull/merge requests to main branch
  • Deliver feedback to team members on their pull/merge requests
  • Manage deployment of test and production builds
  • Provide creative problem solving and brainstorming support to development team
  • Estimate effort and time required for feature changes or additions to applications

Required Skills

  • Expert in GoLang and JavaScript, as well as in one of the following: PHP, Python, C#, or Ruby
  • REST API creation and integration
  • Git repositories and version control
  • DevOps with Docker
  • Automated testing of web-based software

Suggested Skills

  • Familiar with Dart and Flutter
  • Familiar with Buffalo for Go
  • Fluent in gifs

Work Environment

  • Team works remotely for daily tasks and projects
  • Primary communication via Slack and Google Meet
  • Occasional meetings may require in-person attendance in Birmingham, Alabama

About MotionMobs

MotionMobs is a small, woman-owned development and consulting agency that helps funded startups, small and medium businesses, and nonprofits reach their goals through intentional technology decisions. With an in-house consulting team and development team, MotionMobs delivers comprehensive solutions for clients looking to make their dreams into reality. Creativity and a constant drive to learn are top qualities among employees, and those who think outside the box are most likely to succeed here.

For any inquiries or to apply, email Emily Hart at

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