LTL Carrier Integration for Quoting and Booking Loads

Book 4x faster with direct carrier API integrations

Shippers that have an established relationship with a specific carrier typically wish that there was a simple way to cut steps from their load booking process. It’s par for the course for the shipping department to place a phone call, wait for a quote, fill out some physical paper forms, and then hand off the paper forms to the next shipping department employee.

Brokers also want to streamline the process of getting quotes for a load because when you’re comparing quotes from multiple carriers, the manual steps of the process take exponentially longer. Finding the best rate isn’t always easy, and speed matters when trying to book a load.

Through MotionMobs’ work with shippers and brokers, we’ve integrated directly with quoting APIs from 16 major US carriers, focusing specifically on LTL shipping.

Direct API Integrations

  • AAA Cooper
  • ABF
  • Averitt
  • Conway (acquired by XPO in 2015)
  • Estes
  • FedEx
  • Holland
  • Old Dominion Freight Line (ODFL)
  • R&L
  • Roadrunner
  • Saia
  • Southeastern Freight Lines (SFL)
  • UPS
  • Ward
  • Wilson Trucking
  • YRC

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While some carriers are working toward a more technology-driven approach, others haven’t prioritized modernizing their application program interfaces (APIs), which presents a challenge to any developer looking to integrate with several carriers simultaneously. With data flowing in two different formats, MotionMobs had the unique challenge of switching between formats and successfully merging all of the data into a centralized location.


To support shippers and brokers in booking a load, our development work queried each requested carrier for a quote and delivery schedule based on the load and shipping requirements. Going beyond just retrieving quotes, the system directly booked the load with the user’s selected carrier after reviewing quotes. This pulled another set of data through the carrier API to secure the booking and provide contact information for each load, resulting in a rate confirmation and bill of lading.

Integration in Action

Testing is of utmost importance when pulling and pushing data to multiple external parties via API. Our development process involved continuous testing with sample booking requests for each integration and adjusting the data package being sent to ensure accuracy.

Post-launch, the custom integration MotionMobs built was capable of quoting and booking hundreds of loads per day without even breaking a sweat.

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