Non-Profit & Public Sector

Municipalities and non-profits operate similarly to businesses and can benefit from the same optimizations. Public transportation, utilities, state commissions, and non-profit organizations all need to limit expenses and maximize revenue. Strategic technology implementation can deliver returns for years to come, fostering growth and increased efficiency.

Strategic technology implementation can deliver returns for years to come.

Utilities and Municipal Services

Mayors and city councils get re-elected when their communities feel heard and valued. Improving city communication channels from utilities to crime can be a small step with a big impact. Mobile technology provides the perfect avenue to stay better connected with citizens and provide them an open line of communication whenever needed.

History and Culture

Cities are full of history that frequently goes unnoticed by residents. Mobile applications can bring together a community over a shared past, a rich culture, or appreciation for the arts. Augmented reality can bring history to life, GPS can automatically detect a user’s proximity to a landmark, and digital communities can connect those with shared interests.

To celebrate Alabama’s 200th birthday, the Alabama Bicentennial Commission launched a multi-faceted program to engage residents and visitors alike. MotionMobs developed PastPort, which was the consumer mobile application for tourism across the state, and Making Alabama, the interactive tablet app, which ran on over 50 18-inch touchscreen tablets that traveled all 67 counties in Alabama. View the project here.

Grants for Mobile Apps

Many non-profit organizations seek grants to support the development of a mobile application to expand their impact. Our strategy team specializes in building plans that limit upfront investment and provide an achievable path toward self-sustaining technology.

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