Logistics & Transportation

Transporting items from producers to customers is fundamental to the operation of society. Freight carriers directly impact nearly every industry, which puts immense pressure on logistics companies to maintain productivity and efficiency. Improving technology solutions within the logistics industry can accelerate business across all sectors and markets.

Improving technology solutions within the logistics industry can accelerate business.

Quoting & Booking Loads

Whether you’re using a broker or directly coordinating with a carrier, every load from small package to LTL to truckload has to be priced before shipment. Transitioning the quoting process from phone to automated software improves speed and ensures the best rate. Our team has directly integrated with LTL quoting APIs from more than 15 freight companies across the US, including FedEx, UPS, XPO, Southeastern, and Old Dominion. We have also integrated with DAT and Truckstop load boards for truckload shipments.

Customer-Facing Features

For top efficiency, every driver wants to drop their load upon arrival and continue on to the next stop. In reality, customers can’t always plan accurately around when freight will actually arrive, and drivers are forced to wait until there is room for delivery, which can sometimes be hours. Mobile applications can keep customers informed on-the-go about the estimated arrival time of their shipment and any unexpected changes to that time.


Many companies rely on a physical bill of lading to accompany each load. For accurate documentation, OCR technology can interpret a scanned physical document to update records, or the BOL can transition entirely to a mobile environment complete with on-device signature capture. The faster records can be processed through the system, the faster carriers can collect fees, which means more capital to grow.

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