Hospitality and Events

Coordinating large groups of people through large spaces can be a challenge, but mobile technology can make it manageable from ticketing to wayfinding and from merchandise to refreshments. Custom mobile and web applications for events and hospitality are niche products customized to the individual needs of the hosting company. If an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t fit your needs, we can tailor an application to be as unique as your experience.


Low-energy Bluetooth beacons are the unsung heroes of wayfinding. Most consumers don’t notice them in a venue, but their customizable radius measurements allow for precise pathing through a concert hall, stadium, hospital, convention center, or shopping mall. Our team helps venues and event sponsors maximize coverage and exposure in a large space with strategic use of beacons and a custom mobile application to integrate.

Push Notifications

Consumers are fast and unforgiving about turning off push notifications. Every message should be highly targeted, intentionally written, and well-timed, which can only be done with accurate data about your users. We align our technical strategy with the marketing teams at venues and events to create a messaging delivery system that enhances attendees’ experience.

Event to Experience

A well-planned mobile application can transform an event into an immersive experience. Think beyond convenience and reach into adding value. It’s more than schedules and tickets; a mobile event experience includes personalized recommendations, navigation cues to explore things off the beaten path, build up to the grand opening, and ongoing engagement after the curtain falls.