Healthcare has seen a wealth of technology innovations in the past decade. Patients have better access to the care they need through telemedicine which allows a specialist to meet with a patient anywhere. EMRs have simplified the updating and sharing of records between care providers with a centralized repository of previously paper forms. Mobile devices have made way for comprehensive wellness programs connected to wearables like fitness trackers, on-demand counseling, and connected health devices.

A modest technology investment can immediately deliver profit back to the bottom line.


We know that privacy is of utmost importance for healthtech. We have years of experience building HIPAA compliant solutions and integrating with HL7 standards. Healthcare providers need peace of mind that their systems are secure, and patients want to know that their personal data is not being shared without their direct consent.

Connected Devices

Hard numbers provide so much more insight into a patient’s condition than personal recollection. Forward-thinking healthcare specialists are now using proprietary hardware sensors to monitor the precise functions of the human body, and that hardware relies on custom software to aggregate and analyze the data. We love the challenge of finding new ways to process data and impact lives.

Patient Focused

All of the healthcare technology in the world fails to achieve its purpose if it doesn’t actually help patients. Our priority in every healthcare project we work on is to understand the needs of the patient and how the technology helps improve outcomes through increasing the access of a patient to their own records and furthering the reach of healthcare providers to patients in need.

Relevant Work