The fintech market is exploding with innovation, massive valuations, and strategic acquisitions and mergers. Financial institutions will fall behind if they don’t invest in technology now, and startups that aren’t scared of risk are quickly gaining market share. Whether you’re a small player taking on the giants or a pillar in the industry looking to innovate, we’ll help you calculate the risk and reward before writing a single line of code.

Startups that aren’t scared of risk are quickly gaining market share.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning thrives in financial services because of the wealth of data behind it. Predictive models and algorithm automation help deliver a personalized experience for each banking customer increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our software development team’s favorite toolset includes Google Cloud and TensorFlow.


Open banking is the future. Every financial services technology product relies on a plethora of API integrations from PCI compliant payment processing like Stripe to account aggregation like Plaid or completely proprietary integrations for internal systems. Integrations allow niche players to capitalize on each other’s strengths without directly competing, which is why the fintech market is rapidly changing.

Security and Privacy

User data privacy and account security should never be taken lightly, especially in financial services. We accept nothing less than excellence in security methods and user privacy, including differential privacy. From GDPR to CCPA, our team is ready to help you maintain high security standards and user privacy policies.

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