Every smartphone owner holds a virtual classroom in their pocket. Users can attend class whenever they want and for however long they want. Capitalizing on the educational potential of internet-connected devices requires more intentionality than individual Google searches, and properly incentivizing mobile learners to achieve is the key to success.

Capitalizing on the educational potential of internet-connected devices requires intentionality.

Target Audience

The internet allows the casual browser access to a wealth of knowledge as vast as the ancient library of Alexandria. Packaging that information in a mobile application that is easy to consume, simple to navigate, and straightforward to master requires special emphasis on user experience. Ranging from preschool to adult learners, how material is presented is just as important as what material is presented.


Mobile technology has the incredible capacity to adapt to all abilities. In our commitment to developing mobile applications that can be used by all, we have built augmentative and alternative communication solutions, prepared materials for delivery based on specific abilities, and supported OS level accessibility features including VoiceOver, text to speech, and large text. We would love to help you make your application inclusive for all audiences.

Learning Management Systems

What makes your curriculum unique may be the material you present or the manner in which you present it. In pursuit of delivering the maximum return on your technology investment, our team helps each education client determine what parts of their program are proprietary and what aspects can capitalize on existing technology, such as an LMS. We can integrate, customize, or build from scratch whatever system your lessons require.

Relevant Work