Consumer Goods & Tech Services

Mobile devices have changed the way society shops and hires. The world of retail and consumer services now includes concepts like on-demand, same-day pickup, and next-day shipping. None of this works without robust technology to support the system. With our targeted focus on measurable business results, we ensure every retail and consumer services client weighs the cost of automation against the return on the investment in order to make strategic development decisions.

A targeted focus on measurable business results

On Demand

Availability, scheduling, GPS, traffic calculations, payment processing, inventory levels, labor capacity, and customer service are just some of the functions on-demand software takes into account. Depending on your market, some of these automations are far more valuable to your bottom line than others. Your operations can be thrown off entirely without properly accounting for unexpected mobile application user behaviors, which requires detailed audit logs, reporting, and analysis to protect your business from bad actors.

Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces

Technology has facilitated the rise of the middle man in peer-to-peer marketplaces where the business does not maintain or sell any inventory or services and instead provides an avenue for providers and consumers to connect. While these marketplaces can be lucrative, they can also be wildly risky. Our priority for peer-to-peer marketplaces is to build technical safeguards into the application to make it exceedingly difficult to use the system outside of the intended purpose to maximize returns.

Payment Processing

Transactions are king in consumer goods and services. Transactions can now include one to many payments, many to many payments, payment holds, and in-app balances. Our approach is to define what revenue streams best drive revenue to your business and then to build the transaction handling process that support it. We evaluate solutions like Stripe, Square, PayPal, Braintree, and more to integrate the best payment processing solutions for your mobile or web application.

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