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Mobile Application Development

Building a custom mobile application has immense impact on your business. We never approach an app development project by choosing the technology first. Decisions around mobile app programming languages and frameworks are a result of your business model.

Swift, Java for Android, or Cross-Platform

Let your business goals dictate whether you choose a native iOS app, native Android app, or cross-platform mobile app. Our team builds mobile apps in Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java for Android, and React, based on the needs of the client’s business. Required features can have just as much of an impact on development language as the expertise of the team that will be maintaining the codebase after launch.

Why do we choose Flutter?

Native Mobile or Progressive Web App

No two apps are the same, nor should their technical decisions match. Depending on how frequently your user base engages with your app and why they use it, a progressive web app may be a better fit for your project than a native mobile app downloaded through the App Store or Google Play. By prioritizing the business outcomes your app produces, our team will guide you toward which solution is the best fit for you.

Smartphone and Tablet

Mobile applications should always be intuitive and easy to use. A big part of that comes down to use of space on a display, and it is so much more strategic than just making everything bigger to fit a tablet’s larger screen. We design iPhone apps with single-handed use in mind, while we expect an iPad app to support usage of accessories like a keyboard or Pencil. Intentional design for smartphone and tablet takes into consideration the strengths and limitations of each device.

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