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eCommerce Solutions

Selling products online is so much more than just selling products online. There’s inventory, fulfillment, returns, customer service, order abandonment, and more.

Shopify, Magento, or Custom

Shopify makes it easy for small businesses to start selling online. Magento provides robust sales functionality for larger scale companies. Neither may be the perfect fit for your company. We can customize Shopify or Magento or even build a completely custom eCommerce solution to reflect your unique needs.


What happens after a customer places an order? Your company may dropship, the order may go to a warehouse for packaging and labeling, or you may fulfill an order at a brick and mortar location. Each fulfillment method requires a complex and unique documented software process to ensure the customer receives what they ordered. Understanding your operations is key to fitting fulfillment pieces into place.

Customer Service

Every company with customers has to be prepared to handle customer service issues. Automated systems can alleviate this challenge, especially if your company doesn’t have the human resources to allocate to customer requests. Because customer service is frequently tied directly to a customer’s order, it’s crucial for your eCommerce storefront, order processing system, and customer service solution to be integrated.

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