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Analytics & User Engagement

Data-driven decisions result in more sustainable and measurable growth than gut instincts. The most valuable asset of any software in place in your company is its ability to produce reports on traffic, usage, and impact. Our team thrives on understanding data points and feeding them through customized business dashboards or downloadable reports.

Customized Business Dashboards

Your key performance indicators are unique, and your dashboards should be, too. We believe in quality of data output, not quantity of data, as the definition of a successful business dashboard. The best dashboards provide quick stats to easily check in on your business any time with the ability to drill down to more granular data on those KPIs as needed.

Increased User Engagement

Active users drive value for your company. By studying usage patterns, we identify behaviors that indicate losing interest and create strategic re-engagement automations to pull users back into the application. Push notifications, app updates, and marketing campaigns all play a role in increasing app user engagement, and it requires quantified data to execute these well.

Performance Data

You should always be monitoring your app’s performance. Not every user will report an error, nor will all users keep their software up to date. Crashes, errors, and user abandonment can all provide key insight into the health of your app. Don’t wait to find out about problems in your app from social media. Stay proactive with performance metrics.

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