Popular Sports Games for iPhone

For years, sports games have been at the top charts of PlayStation and Xbox games. Now, the same popular games are starting to make a splash in the App Store.

Below are five of the most popular sports games designed for iPhone:


Madden NFL 12

2K Sports NHL

NCAA Football

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12




If you’ve played any of the above games, we would love to hear your feedback.




One comment

Andrew says:

Tiger Woods and Fifa are both SPOT ON great games for the iOS gaming enthusiast.

One of the neat things to do with Fifa is play with the EA Sports Gamepad app and play on the iPad using the iPhone as a controller … neat stuff.

Madden really lacks in overall control of the game. The passing model is extremely confusing and difficult in a touch system.

I live in the South so I don’t know things about hockey ;)

Great list!

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