Sam the Spider

Sam the Spider is a universal iPhone and iPad app. This community initiative included many Birmingham creatives. Jenna Bedsole is a wife, Mom, attorney, and now author of Sam the Spider. Her creativity has brought us all together to create this children’s App. Our team designed and implemented the animations and iOS engineering. Jennifer Shields, a designer for Children’s Hospital, created the illustrations of Sam. Christopher Davis, a local actor and comedian, performs Sam’s voiceovers for the App.

How It Works: The App will automatically play through each page of the book from start to finish. To use this feature, simply switch autoplay on and select page one. To manually operate the App, switch autoplay off and you can freely move from page to page.

You may choose to read through the App without any sound or listen to Chris’ thrilling voiceovers.

Visit the website for activities and more information about Sam.